Central Refrigerated Trailer Reefer


I have pick this old ATS Mod on the workshop and…I have reworked all the textures ;)

W.I.P i will rework the CARRIER Air Conditioner ;)

1.0 Version

Any request? My email adress : Sonicfan2013 [@] icloud.com

Truck : Peterbilt 389 By Viper

sheppardpat47, scs


3 thoughts on “Central Refrigerated Trailer Reefer

  1. Blackspots

    The plain.dds needs to be compressed with DX5/BS3 compression. When attempting to edit it, I also get unexpected end of file, and its 333,333KB in size. It should never be bigger than one memory block, which is about 22MB in size. My 4k textures are never larger than 21,849KB.

    1. Hey! Thanks for the info, but i have made a newer version of this mod in 8192×8192 ;)
      It’s avaible in my Workshop and also i will upload it in ATSmods.lt ;)

  2. Blackspots

    Here’s the proper fixed plain.dds texture that is 4096×4096 compressed with DX5/BC3 compression


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