Hi guys, how are you, this time I bring you the release of the second Update, which already comes with certain corrections and extensions. if it gives problems in 1.37 to those who have an existing profile, it’s probably an unsupported mod guys. I hope you like the map. Any questions, follow me on Facebook and there you will see extra content on the progress of the map.

* 2 cities are added: Celaya and Qro airport.
* Correction of the scales.
* International dealer is added.
* Construction of the Macrolibramiento de Queretaro.
* Correction at the CDMX Exit (Only for av 100 meters).
* Small corrections on the Mexico Queretaro highway.
* fix on exiting Mod Manager (no longer crash)
* some announcements of thanks are added to some who made this project known.

antonio ximenito

DOWNLOAD 364 MB [Mirror]


5 thoughts on “CENTRAL MEXICO MAP

  1. hello, thanks. How can I install it ?

  2. Sorry bro do you know spanish :P, It’s a joke. Bueno a lo que iba el mapa no le veo descripcion pero la verdad me gusta streamear mapas nuevos, espero que puedas trabajar con Traviesoman su compilacion, aclaro esto por que logro reunir a todos y compilarlos juntos asi evitamos los errores comunes al momento de correrlos, por lo que ojala puedas acercarte con el y agregar este al SupercomboMap que reune todo mexico en un gran proyecto de excelentes personas que les gusta esto y quieren mostrar que México tambien tiene mucho por donde recorrerse.

    Well, as far as the map was going, I don’t see a description, but I really like streaming new maps, I hope you can work with Traviesoman, its compilation, I clarify this because I manage to gather everyone and compile them together so we avoid the common mistakes when running them, so hopefully you can get closer to him and add this to the SupercomboMap that brings all of Mexico together in a great project of excellent people who like this and want to show that Mexico also has a lot to go around.

  3. gracias

  4. Map Installation + Gameplay Video

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