Caterpillar 3408 V8 Series for ATS v 1.7 (1.39-1.43)

This mod has the sounds of a Caterpillar, model 3408 V8 eight cylinder engine, with the most realistic torque measurements possible. It contains the electronic ignition of the engine. Adapted to versions 1.39 and later made in FMod, according to SCS requirements.
You will find seven horsepower options for this engine ranging from 400HP up to 800HP. It also includes a 15 speed compound transmission with 6 final drive ratio options (from vanilla 3.23 up to 4.63)

1. 3408 T DI: 400 hp @ 2100 rpm, 1200 lb/ft @ 1400rpm
2. 3408A TA: 450 hp @ 2100 rpm, 1460 lb/ft @ 1400rpm
3. 3408B TA: 500 hp @ 2100 rpm, 1616 lb/ft @ 1400rpm
4. 3408B TA: 540 hp @ 2100 rpm, 1746 lb/ft @ 1400rpm
5. 3408E TA: 600 hp @ 2300 rpm, 1950 lb/ft @ 1400rpm
6. 3408E TA: 700 hp @ 2100 rpm, 2250 lb/ft @ 1400rpm
7. 3408E TA: 800 hp @ 2100 rpm, 2600 lb/ft @ 1400rpm

Please do not change in the mod data, or it may cause game errors. If you know how to modify them, you are at your own risk and expense, and don't share it with anyone other than yourself.

Thanks to vsTerminus for the permission to use their sound mixes, and to YouTube user gm16v149, for recording it.

Functional for versions 1.39 to 1.43 of American Truck Simulator.

-New proper charge, shutdown and exhaust tracks are added to the engine.
-BOV effect sound on engine is changed; In addition, the equalization of the turbo is adjusted.

Note: before installing the mod, you must first unzip the archive to extract the main folder; otherwise the game won't read it.

Respect the credits of the mod and do not upload it for any reason on storage sites that are not uploaded by eelDavidGT.

eelDavidGT (conversion to FMod and mix some samples), vsTerminus (sounds recording), gm16v149 (original sounds), Kapitan Kriechbaum (sample exhaust sounds).


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4 thoughts on “Caterpillar 3408 V8 Series for ATS v 1.7 (1.39-1.43)

  1. Darnell "Uncle D" Metcalf

    dude you didn’t even package this correctly SMDH

    1. eeldavidgt

      the way it is packaged is for the ease of those who want to add to the def of their truck, so when unzipping it the main folder comes out and it must be copied to the mod folder of your game.

  2. tatabike

    No work this mod

  3. tatabike


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