Cat C15 stock sound Megapack 2.5


Here’s my Caterpillar C15 stock engine and sounds.

This new sound comes in my sound pack. It does not replace the previous C15 sound, just, the old one now is called “straight piped”.

Also, my Asphalt / tires / bearing sound mod is updated for the new patch, and it comes as a separate mod in the archive.
Those two sound mods work on both ATS 1.5 & 1.6 version.

This new C15 sound works for :
-The all 4 standarts trucks by SCS.
-The T800 by GTMike.

Credits: Kriechbaum


7 thoughts on “Cat C15 stock sound Megapack 2.5

  1. Of+course+it’s+perfect,+thank’s+..

  2. I love that “straight piped” one better plus I love the added horsepower! But I’ll check out the new one….

  3. Hi. No. It is not perfect. How can I remove the turbo sound irritation?
    Nobe prize you get when you discover the sound insulation.
    After 10 km apart go to my head. Eliminate the whine. Please.

    1. DieselHolic

      do not elimate the turbo. how do you think diesels make so much horsepower and torque? 1 reason, with so much fuel and air and they get that air from lbs and lbs of boost, which, sorry to tell you doesnt come silently. use an scs engine then.

  4. dylan spriggs

    which engine sound works with the t800 with this mod because all of the sounds that I click and use for the t800 in the customization all sound like the default w900 which I know it uses the w900

  5. nice c 15 stock sound mod!!! Only thing id wish was a louder and higher turbo whistle just as it was in the first N14 sound mod. and could you please make a “radical” c 15 straight pipe mod as ,for example, the tincho c15 mod for the t800 in ETS2 was?? this would be EPIC! thank you and keep up the good work!!

  6. You+absolutely+can’t+have+a+C15+Cat+without+the+turbo.+That+is+the+sound+of+real+power+my+man.

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