Cars with Beacons in Traffic

Cars-with-Beacons-in-Traffic-2 Cars-with-Beacons-in-Traffic-1

This mod add STANDALONE paramedic car with turned ON beacon lights in city traffic, and standalone police car too.

This mod DO NOT replace defaule ambulance and police, it only ADD this cars in city traffc.

Both cars have own sound.

Author: Piva

DOWNLOAD 4 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 4 MB [Uploadfiles]

8 thoughts on “Cars with Beacons in Traffic

  1. Hallo Piva . Hab deinen Mod ganz oben in meiner Liste . Aber nicht´s zu hören und nicht´s zu sehn .

    1. Tom from Germany

      Brummi such mal nach –> USA_Police_traffic_for_ATS_1.2_by_Solaris36_&_Da_Modza
      das funktioniert bei mir 1a

  2. Piva, please make a mod where the AI blows through Yellow lights..Instead of stopping at them..

  3. Like Brummi, I’ve been driving hours, I didn’t see a single of your cars… The mod is on top of the list though….

  4. Como+estas+Piva,+igual+que+Brummi+y+Serena+me+sucede+a+mi…

  5. Dr. Thomas Turbando

    The same as Brummi and Serena. Doesn’t work!

  6. Cars in big cities only and very rare.

  7. Ahhh ok . Danke .

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