Cars with beacons in traffic v 1.2


Add firetruck in traffic by alkonavt96 from
Added blinkers, beacons and own sound on firetruck
Fixed some little bugs in mod.

Piva, alkonavt96

DOWNLOAD 4.5 MB [Mirror]

13 thoughts on “Cars with beacons in traffic v 1.2


    He would find a way to make the pass

  2. Can you control the a mount of EMS traffic in game because that’s way too many in game

    1. It only when I write video.

      1. Oh okay thank bro

  3. pls pls pls, if possible can they pass the red light…

    1. I don’t know how to do this one. I can fix SCS only with traffic_rules

  4. I made for Europe. Who’s supposed to, then I lay out!

    1. Let’s publish in ETS2, I don’t want publish american cars in Europe

      1. Piva!
        If there is a desire among the people, let us publish. The log – clean!

  5. The wheels of the ems and fire truck disappear at distance btw

  6. So cool, thanks!

  7. Hi! Good mod, but have few issues:
    – Police car runs without siren sound.
    – Ambulance and FireTruck sirens cuts too early. I think sound can be little bit longer with fade out effect..

    Also, may be you add this cars without siren? Just for traffic?

    Thank you.

    1. ok.. now I realise that police siren is on, but I cant hear it cause of my engine.

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