Caribbean Map v1.2 Cuba,Jamaica,Venezuela,Bahamas,Puerto Rico – ATS 1.43

The North American continent isn’t restricted to just Canada, the US, and Mexico – there are a lot more nations to explore in the Caribbean and Caribbean Map will deliver this tropical environment right to your sim. Expanding your ATS, Caribbean Map will add Port Everglades to C2C’s Port Everglades to connect you to Nassau in The Bahamas and from there the island journey truly begins with Cuba, Jamaica, Aruba, and many more islands to come!

Developers comments:
Version 1.2/1.2.1: Adds Puerto Rico, more of Jamaica, northern Venezuela, and Miami to Key West. This version is also non C2C dependent, however, it is recommended you use C2C and if so you can download the C2C connector and place it above Def/Map with C2C below Caribbean in the load order. (Note: if using the Kenworth W900 with a front grill, you will not have enough room to trigger the border gates in PR and VE. Back up after activating, and try again and it should open, or remove the front grill)



One thought on “Caribbean Map v1.2 Cuba,Jamaica,Venezuela,Bahamas,Puerto Rico – ATS 1.43

  1. this map crashes on startup.. so cant play it sadly

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