Cargo for Truck Transport Trailers v 3.0

This mod adding Cargo for Truck Transport Trailers,
with another Truck and cabin type like:kenworth_t680 kenworth_w900 peterbilt_579 peterbilt_389
The Trailer are available in:
Bushnell,Voltıson,Hms,Plaster Sons,Darchelle,Rail Export.
Trailer is not present in traffic.
Tested version 1.6.x

* Respect the download link *



7 thoughts on “Cargo for Truck Transport Trailers v 3.0

  1. Interesting and unusual. Thank you.

  2. Asphroxia

    cant wait for this mod with multiple pivot points!
    for now this will do :D

  3. Remember: this mod will behave as a rigid trailer until SCS finally releases multiple pivots.

  4. Nice,better with different paintjobs on the towed trucks.

  5. Trailer causes my truck to slip and slide when I’m hauling it down a hill or incline

    1. some and the kingpin, is not seating the fifth wheel too, behove the fifth wheel

  6. American Trucker

    Only bad thing about this mod is that no matter the engine size, it will not go up an on ramp from a dead start, don’t know how many times I had to cancel loads cause of this!

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