Cargo for Truck Transport Trailers v 2.0

Cargo-3 Cargo-2 Cargo-1

This mod adding Cargo for Truck Transport Trailers, with another Truck and cabin type like:
kenworth_t680 kenworth_w900 peterbilt_579
The Trailer are available in:
Bushnell,Voltıson,Hms,Plaster Sons,Darchelle,Rail Export.
Trailer is not present in traffic.

Tested version 1.2.x

* Respect the download link *

Authors: SCS, GhostLord


13 thoughts on “Cargo for Truck Transport Trailers v 2.0

  1. can you make a video of them driving on the road I wanna see how they work >?

    1. They work like a normal trailer because there is only 1 pivot point. So its going to look retarded being pulled around.

    2. Nate meadows This is a video from my gaming channel. The mod cant be pulled well. cant turn well. Needs more turning poits.

  2. not good , looks retarded

  3. This mod runs good at low speed but cornering at 60+ it becomes very unstable due to the weight lifting the front wheels sufficiently to loose traction and causes you to loose control on corners regardless of trailer stability setting.
    Suggestion: reduce weight of the load or reduce number of trucks attached to 2 not 3.
    All truck wheels are in contact with ground like they should be and rotate when towed, and the variety of choices is good for load choice.
    Three trucks in-tow makes the trailer almost too long for turning at intersections.
    Not a bad mod but needs more stability in cornering and shorter loads.

    1. Firstly, you arent supposed to be swinging this trailer around at speeds higher than 50, also it handles poorly since the game sees it as one trailer, and it’s turn radius is based on the first wheel that hits the ground.

  4. godzilla2076

    your mod not work propely because when you turn a slow speed the trailer no go in direction you take .if you put last wheels at last truck amovible that work good just fix .

  5. I have to comment on this mode. Why do you say unrealistic modes, which are the fruit of your personal imagination and have nothing to do with reality? No truck manufacturer in the world is transported by trucks in a way that is presented in the mode. Only trucks and one who has had an accident but can not drive the front wheels. The new trucks are transported on platforms and should not in any way be in contact with the asphalt. Tyres on wheels must be new and no signs of wear. When making mode, the first to properly inform about what you want to do and then you say. This is pure fiction and a mockery of the simulator.

    1. Well, I think you don’t know american trucks… Watch this video:

    2. Hate to burst your bubble but trucks are still transported this way through America.

  6. Very nice concept. However, the game only recognizing one pivot point for trailers makes this a bit unrealistic. I know modders have tried to make tandem trailers at no avail. Hopefully they will be possible in the future and your mod will work properly.

  7. Well you could just drop it down to ONE truck instead of Three. Three trucks does look cool though, and for all you people that think this is incorrect, I see them in Canada too!

  8. Instructor Kyle

    not good, gotta remove the splash guards from the rear of the frame.

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