Canadream v 2.8.10 [1.35.x]

New Version Canadream 2.8.10:

Update for 1.35
Compability with DLC Washington

Coast to Coast map 2.8.0 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-CanaDream 2.8.10
2-Coast to Coast 2.8.0

compatible ATS 1.35
compatible C2C 2.8.0
add .sui system files for more compatibility with other mods

ManiaX, Update Mantrid.


14 thoughts on “Canadream v 2.8.10 [1.35.x]

  1. cant get it to work keeps crashing and I have latest version of CTC

    1. I have the same problem The game crashes when it launches when I get Cacadream 2.8.10 active. I have latest version on C2C active too…

  2. Map freezes leaving Raleigh to Wilmington NC (1.35)Update..hope they fix soon looks like a cool map.

  3. niiiceee

  4. william markham

    where do I get .sui system files for more compatibility with other mods

    1. I don’t know what .sui files they are talking about.

  5. Coast to Coast 2.8.0 works well
    US Expansion v2.6 works well
    Canadream v 2.8.10 Crash at loading game

  6. If you game is crashing, make sure you have the load order correct and you are using the latest version of C2C

  7. Raymond Pirr

    even in the right order, the game crashes after charging the mod

  8. I have the correct order in the mod manager, but is crashing anyway.

  9. Hi maniaX…few days agos I downloaded few mods to ATS V1.35 like Viva Mexico map v2.5.2 Mexico extremo v2.1.9 Messimap SLP v1.3……to montana Expansion.
    My problems is with the mod Canadadream v2.8 my Washington DLC map don’t show any cities only Roads with not names not cities. How can you help me to fixed.

  10. Raymond Pirr
    I agree with you, game crashes with Canadream 2.8.10.
    I found the version 2.8.11 but same result, even with a new profile.
    Without Canadream, no problem at all.

  11. I have no problem with crashes, but I was a bit disappointed with this mod. I get that there’s not much to the prairies, but I’m sure the highways between Alberta and Ontario aren’t just lined with pine trees. Give me some actual prairies, or at least some variety. It doesn’t have to be exciting, but there should be at least a bit of variety.

  12. ChristianD-E

    It is impossible to select my garage in Whitehorse (Canada) when I want to buy a truck or hire a driver, the map to select my garages does not go so far.

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