CanaDream v 2.4

Coast 2 Coast 2.3 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-CanaDream 2.4
2-Coast 2 Coast 2.3

* compatible ATS 1.29
* compatible C2C 2.3
* add yarmouth
* background world map temporaly removed, back in version 2.5

Official CanaDream link:



15 thoughts on “CanaDream v 2.4

  1. Where is Coast 2 Coast 2.3?

      1. Thank you!!!

  2. [REL]+Coast+to+Coast+Map+-+v2.3+Updated+-+SCS+Software

  3. quantity over quality

  4. search for it on scs forum

  5. There arent C2C 2.3….

  6. TheAshCoops

    My game keeps crashing with these 2 mods and no others…

  7. Dont work, my game is without new mexico dlc, what can I do?

  8. Hi. This Maps, C2C and Canadream, is compatible for New Mexico DLC?

  9. Unable to unzip the file.

  10. Kindersley-Maple creek 16 FPS

  11. steve helvitson

    please add Alaska again

  12. can’t travel to CANADA anywhere on the map. What happened?

  13. AntoTrucker

    Does it work with 1.30

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