CanaDream v 2.3

Coast 2 Coast 2.2 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-CanaDream 2.3
2-Coast 2 Coast 2.2

* compatible ATS 1.28
* compatible C2C 2.2
* update fuel price
* upgrade background world map by m1keY
* add stewart, dease lake, watson lake, whitehorse, fort nelson, high level, fort simpson, yellowknife

Official CanaDream link:



27 thoughts on “CanaDream v 2.3

  1. Téléchargement réussi, mais impossible de l’installer. “archive endommagé ou inexistante”. Moi qui l’attendais avec impatience !!! Suis-je le seul a avoir ce problème?. Je reste avec la V2.2 et c2c v2.2

    1. Serena Dior

      Aucun probleme de ce type pour moi, seulement le zoom est une fois de plus altéré…

      1. What the problem with zoom ??

    2. many people have this problem. Check on official forum.

      Update your 7-zip to last version and unzip well

  2. Serena Dior

    ###, the map looks really nice but have mercy on us and fix the zoom, please …..

  3. No Archives found

    1. Serena Dior

      Downloading and Installin went fine for me, but the zoom is messed up once more !!!

  4. Needs fixed I tried on different sites, same thing downloads fine but will not unzip

    1. steve helvitson

      go to your downloads then highlight it then right click on it the click open with

  5. How can I get rid of the background on the map? Can’t see the cities.

    1. Serena Dior

      Agreed on that 100% !!!

  6. still+crashes+when+you+get+a+little+ways+outside+Denver,+and+las+vegas

    1. denver and las vegas is ntot in canada sector. Check with Mantrid creator of C2C

  7. Thank you ManiaX managed to open with 7zip ok and no problem with zoom.

  8. Paul Jackson

    The background map does not show route. How do you get rid of it?

  9. I had to edit a couple files to fix the zoom, but other than that issue this is an okay setup. Not my cup of tea, but it functions and to others that’s what matters.

    1. EDIT: Should have read “fixed a couple of files to fix the zoom and remove the background”

    2. How

  10. Ansari hamza

    my Truck Stuck on toll …plzz give more time out of toll..

  11. Bizarre les limites de vitesse son en KMH mais si je roule à 100 MPH dans une zone de 100 KMH, je ne reçois pas de billet de contravention. Il semble y avoir un problème de limite de vitesse vs KMH et MPH.

    1. Bizarre speed limits are in KMH but if I drive at 100 MPH in an area of 100 KMH, I do not get speeding ticket. There seems to be a speed limit problem vs KMH and MPH.

  12. You have the speed limits set to MPH instead of KPH. I doubt seriously whether most of Canada has a speed limit of 100 MPH with some areas set to 110 MPH. Hopefully this will be corrected soon.

  13. Missing Fairbanks, Alaska.

  14. ironhorse

    I laughed so hard when I rolled into Toronto and thought oh cool the cn tower……………NOT! it was the friggin seattle space needle LOL come on dude its a great mod I love it but please redo it and do your research better it looked nothing like Toronto aswell as the other provinces. and yes I know I have been all over Canada when I had my old job. great mod tho don’t get mad I am just sayin go back redo it and get the buildings and land marks right.

  15. OrganizedTuna

    I miss Alaska will Fairbanks and all those other town/cities up there. plus the snow was fun

  16. Truckercharly

    Incorrect: it crashes together with viva mexico

  17. SortingHat

    Be careful of the fake file. Do not download the app! The author uses malicious practices much like the controversial Project 64 2.6 emulator or whatever their latest one is.

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