Cabin Strobe Lights v3

Here is V3 of a Cabin Strobe Light mod I put together, It allows you to have strobing lights on the roof of your truck that are also marker lights, just to be DOT legal. The perfect solution for someone who needs front warning lights, but doesn’t want to install a light bar on the roof of their truck. This mod was inspired by some of the show trucks by Equipment Express Inc. in Caldwell, TX, and also because since the flare rework update came out, I’ve been only a little strobe-crazy. I’m open to feedback, and suggestions for more light patterns.

Change log!

Version 3:
*: All models now using the latest PMG format.
*: Added two more patterns that don’t require 7 cabin lights.

Known bugs:

Currently all flash patterns flash at the same time on the ground regardless of what you pick. Visually, the right pattern flashes correctly, however. This may impact your frame rate, so you can use the console command “g_disable_beacons 1” and the lights will not flash onto the ground. I currently can’t do anything about it without creating some extreme overhead.

Mod Compatibility:

If you use Project 3XX, you’re going to have to run this mod above it until it updates, as the two mods share a hookup file. I’ll make sure Guidot gets the updated hookup file for the next time the 3XX is updated.



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  1. Can you modify mack anthem

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