Bra2S’s rework of Kriechbaum and game sounds

These are the reworked Kriechbaum’s engine sounds along with Alexey’s P other game’s sounds (e.g. AI, environment, etc). I adjusted all the loudness, pitches, and frequencies of engine sounds as well as environmental sounds to my liking. Made cabin sticks sounds louder, took best quality sounds for air brakes, etc. Changed some jake brakes, made them louder, added few airhorn sounds…

Engines list:
Cummins ISX
Cummins 444
Cummins N14
Cummins N14 Celect Plus
CAT C15 Straight Pipe
CAT 3406E

This mod contains 2 files. Make sure the Improved Environment Sound is above sound_1.4 in your mods list. I still call it a WIP because Kriech constantly adds new engines to his collection. The mod seems to work OK with all the default trucks!

WARNING! This mod may be incompatible with other sound mods or truck mods with its own sounds!

– Kriechbaum, – Alexey P, – Audacity, – Sound Fixes pack team: Drive Safely, Ludmilla and Katixa/Irreo, Balamut, AlexeyP, nIGhT-SoN, – odd_fellow


14 thoughts on “Bra2S’s rework of Kriechbaum and game sounds

  1. DieselHolic

    this not 1.6 beta compatible or is it something on my end?

    1. No its not 1.6 compat.

  2. Amazing mod, any chance you can add the Detroit 60 Series sounds from the Freightliner FLB by Harvey? Thanks

  3. Does it work with the cascadia 3.9.3

    1. Not unless you change your def files of the cascadia. all those sounds are made for ATS 1.5 default trucks (w900, t680, 579, 389)

  4. I guess not in the nearest future. Suppose that truck uses odd_fellows sound and I am not quite a big fan of them

  5. whats the password for it

  6. Nathan good

    Is it possible to make the sound_1.4 a scs file

    1. #### Yes!!! Press F2 on it and rename it

  7. The Unknown

    That CAt sound dude! is Awesome.

  8. any way to make it compatible with 1.6?

  9. Can you update to 1.6 please? Love these Sounds

  10. Will it be upgraded to support v1.6?

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