Bora’s Trailer Wheel Pack for 1.32B+

Date 2018-08-24 08:55

Version 1.0

1. 5 hole paintable
2. 2 hole paintable
3. Dayton paintable
4. Alcoa Aluminum
5. Alcoa Aluminum SUSI (Not shown)
6. Bridgestone R287 Tires by Ventyres

Export from Haulin’ – guidot
Textures and implementation – guidot
AO Bake – guidot
definitions – guidot

Original Credits
3D Wheels – Bora
3D Tires – Ventyres
Textures – Bora, Ventyres

guidot, Bora, Ventyres


4 Responses to Bora’s Trailer Wheel Pack for 1.32B+

  1. REVIEW:

  2. exactly what I was looking for, awesome work man, thanks!!!

  3. scania_dragon

    why is it not available on steam ?

  4. Is it only me or the SCS file is corrupted so you cant use the mod :(

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