Bora’s Trailer Wheel Pack for 1.32B+

Version 1.0

1. 5 hole paintable
2. 2 hole paintable
3. Dayton paintable
4. Alcoa Aluminum
5. Alcoa Aluminum SUSI (Not shown)
6. Bridgestone R287 Tires by Ventyres

Export from Haulin’ – guidot
Textures and implementation – guidot
AO Bake – guidot
definitions – guidot

Original Credits
3D Wheels – Bora
3D Tires – Ventyres
Textures – Bora, Ventyres

guidot, Bora, Ventyres


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6 thoughts on “Bora’s Trailer Wheel Pack for 1.32B+

  1. REVIEW:

  2. exactly what I was looking for, awesome work man, thanks!!!

  3. scania_dragon

    why is it not available on steam ?

  4. Is it only me or the SCS file is corrupted so you cant use the mod :(

  5. What about Dayton wheels for trucks?

  6. Love these wheels, however I notice when choosing the tires for these wheels that come with this pack, there is only one tire to choose from , the colors are off on the left side of the trailers and usually the front left tires, then the back left are ok…the right side of the trailer is ok too.

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