Big T Flash Beacon


This the original mod from Big T. This was released for ETS2 version pre 1.15 and still works in ETS2 to 1.22. I tested it with no framedrop or other issues. I have simply updated it for ATS. I have lowered the unlock level from 9 to 1, and price has been reduced from $175 to $50 each.

Original creator is Big T, I just updated it for ATS.



6 thoughts on “Big T Flash Beacon

  1. Faelandaea

    Cool! JUST what I was looking for to find proper flares for my Whelan bar (private mod) XD

  2. This mod works great. I’m using the Peterbilt 389 v1.11 Beta by Viper and the lights can be mounted all over including the front bumper and grill. My truck is built for hauling oversize loads and this fits in perfectly. I would prefer these lights were able to be mounted on the headache rack as well. A strip of amber LED’s across the top would be awesome. Unfortunately they don’t show up in those light slots. Thanks for your effort!

  3. R. Gonzalez

    I can not find the lights. The mod has been installed and active, but in the shop there they do not show anywhere.

  4. _Classic_

    Thanks for the conversion. They’re just what I’ve been looking for.
    They work well on bumper and roof.


  5. it would be nice if u listed just which trucks these lights can be used on cuz they don’t show up on any of the default trucks in game…. would be much appreciated

  6. Funcionara para la 1.34

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