11 thoughts on “Better Road Lines RC

  1. ###!?!?!

    Well thanks for your efforts, but no thanks, I think it totally breaks immersion

  2. LOL What you was thinking when you created this mod…. Do you really think anyone is going to want this mod? Sorry but its absolutely a terrible mod!

  3. Red lines? ###?!
    There is no f***** red lines in US!!!

  4. If this ” mod make road lines much better”, i am Marlon Brando!
    Are u kidding us, dude? Unrealistic 1000%.

  5. Not Better…

  6. Arthur Vince

    Sorry man..if you like red lines and a green sky it’s ok. But don’t look silly if a lot of comments goes about the unrealistic factor to make the game much more worser with mods like this.. even your yellow lines mod isn’t the real yellow color..

  7. BLiNKT, king of the morons.

  8. Coma White

    Where the hell is the dislike button?
    I wish we could vote this #### right into the trash heap.
    Oh, and please comment if you actually DL this and use it. We would all love to point and laugh at you.

  9. Thats some LSD ####! XD

  10. blinkt realy doesnt know how to make mods and he can be called as a moder because he only what do is a skining and a bad skining!
    Please delete al mods from him!

    1. I was in a blinkt group all what he want is a money for really really bad mods -.-
      Ohh how i hate that!

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