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Better Mountain Texture for American Truck Simulator

Date 2017-06-25 09:10

This mod replaces textures for mountain model that is used in majority of the game’s map for a more realistic look. Enjoy!



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9 Responses to Better Mountain Texture for American Truck Simulator

  1. Does this mod work with C2C+Mexuscan+CanaDream?

    • slavsan93

      I haven’t tested it with map mods yet, only on vanilla map, but if those mods are using the texture that I replaced, it should work fine.

  2. Mike

    Rather then asking if the freeggn mod works get off ya arse and try it for yourself looser

  3. Willy

    if you look into the files it changes only 2 mountains.

    • slavsan93

      It does change only 2 files, but that is not only two mountains. This texture is used widely around the game map for roughly 70% of mountains and hills that surround the roads. The reason I made this mod is because, despite the fact that I love everything about this game, the original texture didn’t really look good enough in my opinion.

  4. Looks great in my sim, I notice the difference all over the place! Nice work!

  5. John Doe

    Thank you slavsan93, it’s a nice work! Looks much better in my opinion and works fine with the Realistic Environment v2.1 from Grimes.

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