Better low beams mask

The low beam mask has always annoyed me with the area it illuminates (ever since ETS2) – too much to the right and almost nothing to the left. So I decided to experiment on changing that and the first attempt seems to be successful.

Test 1.29



6 thoughts on “Better low beams mask

  1. Good change on getting both beam to look the same, however from what the pic shows, those are some very powerful lights and flood the entire path even on oncoming traffic.

  2. *Sorry my first comment got messed up*
    – Thats how some low beams work tho. The right hand side is more visible because it’s further away from the driver.

  3. lucky us this is a game, if this a real world, you guys would be get some punch from another driver at another side :v

  4. Those are bright lights, not low beams. Just saying.

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