Better Flares v 3.0

– New flares. Choose the one you like.
– New truck lights and smooth lights switching.
– Traffic lights addon including 8 new flares for AI cars.

Changes in version 3.0:
– New flares
– New settings
– Traffic lights addons

Please read about mod structure before use!

BFv3.0 1.Base for ATS – mod itself.
BFv3.0 2.Headlights White/Yellow (choose the one you like) – smooth switching and different headlights colors for trucks and traffic is here. Should have higher priority than base mod.

BFv3.0 3.Default Traffic Addon – mod adding different flares to default game traffic. Warning! Incompatible with AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat!

Warning! If you experiencing crashes – put all your traffic packs below map mods.


DOWNLOAD 19 MB [Sharemods]

6 thoughts on “Better Flares v 3.0

  1. THANKS !!!

  2. Love the look of these flares, however they have a serious impact to your graphics.

    In the middle of nowhere with lights on, no BF mod = 85FPS. With mod installed, HUGE FPS hit of 20 and FPS drops to 64 on my system. Very playable but that 20 FPS hit shows very poor optimization.

    GTX 970 all drivers up to date.

  3. Aveliumar

    You can improve performance by removing lines
    “type: spot
    diffuse_color: (0.03, 0.015, 0.0)
    specular_color: (0.55, 0.25, 0)
    range: 1.5
    inner_angle: 80.0
    outer_angle: 100.0”
    from files

    They are located in BFv3.0 1.Base for ATS\unit\hookup\

    1. Removing those lines caused the glow from air filter lights to revert back to normal. Also traffic lights seemed to revert to normal too. I can live with the fps drop, was just hoping for not as much as a hit.

      I imagine since this mod is a light source, the more you add the less fps you are going to get.

  4. getting this error, i have the white lights then the base then the traffic addon followed by rta volvo fh16, rta reefer 4.5 and the rta skeltal trailers thats it in the mod list

    [model] Unknown variant name ‘red_orange’ on model ‘/vehicle/ai/f350/ai.pmd’
    [model] Unknown variant named ‘red_orange’ in model ‘/vehicle/ai/f350/ai.pmc’.

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