Better Blinker Sound Mod

Better-Blinker-1 Better-Blinker-2

NOTE: I only made this work with ATS, I did not create the sounds for it.

Scania Blinker Sound Mod from ETS2 put into ATS!

I done this for me and a friend as we preferred this sound to the default ATS ones.

If there is another author i need to credit, let me know.

Put onto ATS: Luke Lewis | Original Author (ETS2): KiLLeR Modding


2 thoughts on “Better Blinker Sound Mod

  1. Trucker_bob

    thats very enoying… someone message you on steam. like its purpos that someone messaging u. well the sound is very nice. go offline the next time on steam if u recording something.

    1. Luke Lewis

      Thank you! I’ll take in your response and next time i will make sure to put steam in offline mode :).

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