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Bancroft & Sons Transportation LLC Skin

Date 2016-04-20 09:31

Bancroft-&-Sons-Transportation-LLC-2 Bancroft-&-Sons-Transportation-LLC-1

Bancroft and Sons Transportation, Inc. started small in 1969 but today, has grown to become a 48-state Common and Contract Carrier, and Broker, transporting tractor trailer loads of U.S. Mail coast to coast.

Thanks also to Zetor165Maxterra :)

Author: Fid


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8 Responses to Bancroft & Sons Transportation LLC Skin

  1. Glad to see you back, Fid!
    Another great skin.
    If you got any free time, could you make some skins (or just one would be great) for Freightliner Century, please? ANYTHING.
    I love this truck and really don’t like the default colors. :)

    Thank you!

  2. Leave it with me mate..I’ll see what I can do for you as I’m still setting my site up but I’ll try to get time and sort a few out for you Stavros…..

  3. Love the black with red. Very nice, thanks man. Downloaded my copy just now. :)

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