Background map and nav icons (map, gps and route advisor)


Changes the map background to a Google Maps style one.
Changes navigation icons in map, route advisor and truck gps.

Tested in version



11 thoughts on “Background map and nav icons (map, gps and route advisor)

  1. Super Background map!!!
    Test –

  2. how do you get the nav like in the bottom pic?

    1. Same question did u find it ?

    1. that same mod (make sure you use the 4.5 version, older versions make last ats crash ) , it has a lot of options, i am using the Route Advisor_KAAC_GSM_Center Top_1LTT_WF_MBB_TBB_v4.5 variant , with that mod and the F3 key you change from the text only to the text and the gps

  3. bigtall10

    Question: will this mod break the save if say it was to be removed later? This is my general concern with map mods right now. That when Arizona DLC comes out, and the map mod is not supported – like this one – because the default map will change, the save game will be broken! Am I correct in this assumption? Otherwise, this is absolutely beautiful!

    1. no , no problems with save files
      this mod does not change the map ( the place where you drive ) , only change are the background image of the screen map and the icons ( a few images ) so when a new arizona dlc map is added you only need to update this mod , if you don’t the only “problem” is you could see the new arizona part (background ) the scs way with black bg and california/nevada this way (blue , green and gray)

  4. can i have the mod that put all information en top like the picture above?


    1. sure, follow zufall’s link in that other message, like i said the version i am using there is Advisor_KAAC_GSM_Center Top_1LTT_WF_MBB_TBB_v4.5

  5. Wellington

    How do I get the warning line is on top and not in the center ?

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