Audi RS 7 Sportback 2013 4G8 V4 1.41


– Fixed headlights
– Fixed mirrors
– Edited some materials
– Major edits and fixes
– New physics
– Added more beacons
– Added more paintjobs
– Reconfigured engine (improved realism)
– Reconfigured transmisssion (improved realism)
– Reconfigured chassis (improved realism)

*You can open the developer console by pressing ` and input “g_suspension_stiffness 1” for a better driving experience on high speeds*

*And from now on the next modifications I publish will include hall of shame of those who edit and/or reupload without authorization. This will include their YouTube profiles and possibly real profile pictures. Consider this as a warning*

*I will also honor the YouTubers with a shoutout, who work hard with honesty and include original links*


Azorax Modding, Kevin, Nimit, Diablo


8 thoughts on “Audi RS 7 Sportback 2013 4G8 V4 1.41

  1. the boss of scs

    stop adding cars we are tracing down your location and will be sending the FBI to your house to stop you from adding cars to the game its a truck game that we have put loads of time a effect into and we dont want people like u guys adding this stuff into the game

  2. Stop uploading stolen stuff from jazzycat! And don’t use Skoda Superb as base! You steal also, so don’t act as victim!

    1. For your information, Jazzycat doesn’t make cars and perhaps you should do a little research before coming to the conclusion that this is based on a Superb. Most of the modifications are mine along with the authors named in the credits.
      And the rest of the mods are updated with permission from the original authors.

      Typical Karens who have problems with everything to be seen only on
      I will keep uploading cars, there is no law that states I cannot make a “mod” for a game. If you have a problem, then simply don’t download it. Nobody is forcing you to do that.

    2. Do you even know what models Jazzycat uses? Are you that dumb to speak out stuff without knowing anything? #####!

      And we respect people unlike you, which is why, we take permissions before going ahead with their mods, for our own, we don’t need anyone’s permission.

      Now if you don’t want a car mod, then shut up and don’t download it, you are not speaking for the majority of ATS players. Just because few of you doesn’t want cars in the game doesn’t mean others too dont

      1. Kevin is not a name, it’s a diagnosis!

  3. Bithn around doesn’t make this ###### cars better! You can’t make windows move but you think you’re great modders? If you and you’re kiddy crew make an good car mod like the superb without any errors… Well… than make it. In all this mods are errors. Even in these pictures I can See them!

    1. ayo just shut up no one cares about ur opinion and if they do they will say now stop bothering them they are great modders and i use their mods

      1. F U no one cares!

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