Audi A7 Sportback 2018 V2 1.40


– Major edits and fixes
– Fixed headlights
– Fixed mirror
– New physics
– Edited some materials
– Reconfigured engine (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured transmission (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured chassis (realistic specifications)

Has some minor issues that will be fixed soon


Nimit, VakkoTeam


5 thoughts on “Audi A7 Sportback 2018 V2 1.40

  1. Sweet Amber Aus

    god, again

    1. The_One_Over_There

      i think the same when i noticed your comment again.

  2. Sweet Amber AUS

    let me guess, you drive your truck in a suit and drive home in your euro sports car to your mansion in the hills, if thats the case, wheres the immersion of being a truck driver, suppose to be tough and gritty, these cars make it out to be like your some prissy ceo who belongs behind a desk, and hey im only hinting from frustration for some one to do some good old U.S muscle, respect for ATS.

    probably a lost cause anyhow seeing how peeps are so materialistic these days anyway, woker. Dont worry no more comments from me k

    1. The_One_Over_There

      i’m not saying i like these cars. i’m only saying that complaining about them isn’t going to do anything.

      so no need to judge me or anyone. and no, i’m not materialistic. If you knew how i have to go thru life than you’d say i’m far from materialistic. Don’t jump to conclusions like that. That’s just plain disrespectful. And really doesn’t make any sense because you simple don’t know anything about me. So just shush.

      it’s a simple thing of ( don’t like it? do yourself a favor and don’t look at it. )
      and if you really want something that isn’t around. Than make it yourself and show them what potential it can have.

      But even if someone does like these kinds of cars, That’s up to them, To each their own and we have to respect the fact that people have different tastes in different things.

      have a good day non the less though. But again, Please don’t assume me of anything.

  3. Sweet Amber Aus

    hello to who’s over there
    1st- your 1st reply was backhanded sarcasm.
    2nd- the word peeps is not singling you out, its broader, assumption wrong.
    3rd- you assume i can do what they do, assumption wrong.
    4th- theres no different tastes here, they are all plastic fantastic cars.

    Sorry i didnt ask how you have to go through life, why you typed that im not sure.
    yeah, i could have chosen a better way to ask, but would they care, probably not.

    Im not having a go at you, i have a F-Truck mod, which ive carried through many updates, but others dont… i assume lol, im complaining for the sake of variety, cars n pickups that was once rack and pinion. i wasnt looking for a fight, just venting.

    look i wasnt going to reply let alone comment again, but surely there are others who feel the same, who cant mod.

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