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[ATS v1.30] Physics of the Truck V1.0 from ~Tok~

Date 2018-03-06 10:30

-Realistic physics of suspensions, transmissions, brakes, pneumatic seat, cameras in the cabin.
-Changed the course of pendants, razvesovku axles, stabilizer.
-Discounts, increased viscosity boxes, wheels.
-Fixed hinge carts in the saddle (which would not have wobbled).
-Brakes: adjusted the intensity of cooling degrees, revolutions.
-Increased the angle of rotation of the wheels.
-For those who are not a fan of changes in governance, in archive
There is a second file with a standard Office
(Physics_of_the_truck_V 1.0 _standard_control_from_ ~ Tok ~).

Test version 1.30 x
-Author: ~ Tok ~

-Place the Mod folder, connect to the Manager mods.
-Keep the original links! Respect the author’s work!



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  1. Thank you for this physics mod Tok, it’s actually working with my Freightliner FLD truck mod, I’m using your standard version dough cause I like my own setup! Nice job!

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