[ATS v1.30] Physics of the Truck v 2.0 from ~Tok~

-Realistic physics of suspensions, transmissions, brakes, pneumatic seat, cameras in the cabin.
-Added registration to beskapotnikov.
-Added tracks: Roman Diesel, Freightliner FLB, Volvo VNL670.

-Changes in v2.0:

-Changed the course of pendants, razvesovku axles, stabilizer.
-Discounts, increased viscosity boxes, wheels.
-Realistic acceleration, traction, gear shift clear swallowing revolutions, UPS felt the cargo load is felt.
-Stabilized hinge carts in the saddle (which would not have wobbled).
-Longitudinal, transverse Dampirovanie.
-Brakes: adjusted the intensity of cooling degrees, revolutions.
-Increased the angle of rotation of the wheels.
-Stabilization of " preferences trellera " until the end of the law (recommended).
-For those who are not a fan of changes in governance, in archive
There is a second file with a standard Office
(Physics_of_the_truck_V 2.0 _standard_control_from_ Tok ~ ~).

-P.S. locked Files, except for the chassis, when adding and editing, while maintaining the chassis will ask for a password, just press " OK ".

Test version 1.30 x

-Author: ~ Tok ~

-Place the Mod folder, connect to the Manager mods.
-Put the above modified trucks.

Keep original link! Respect the author’s work!


DOWNLOAD 105 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 105 KB [Uploadfiles]

6 thoughts on “[ATS v1.30] Physics of the Truck v 2.0 from ~Tok~

  1. V1.0 works way better than this V2.0 on my Freightliner FLD….I had to switch back, this V2.0 is way too stiff in my truck.

    1. It is the Americans and they life hard. Asked many tougher to do. In 1.0 there was no support for beskapotnikov. That asking for change and push away.

  2. I have no clue if your trying to be sarcastic or funny but I give good reviews and the truth and that’s what I wrote, this 2.0 doesn’t work right with the Freightliner FLD V2.0 truck mod but your 1.0 version does so personally I’m fine with going back to the V1.0 which I did…..sad thing about SCS and you designers is you call yourself “fixing” one thing and you break 20 other’s by doing that….honest reviews, THAT’S what I do…if you can’t handle the truth ole well……

    1. The chassis is probably different. in fashion from the author “Harven”. Take the chassis from your mod and transfer it to the physics mod. after you write down the weight and work parameters of the shocks from the physics chassis.

  3. I+do+not+know+English.+The+interpreter+did+not+translate+correctly.+I+did+not+think+of+laughing+and+yelling+in+Russian+here+I+can+not+write

  4. hi+bro+some+news+about+the+update+of+the+mod

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