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ATS Trailers Pack v 1.2

Date 2016-06-04 19:56

ATS-Trailers-Pack-3 ATS-Trailers-Pack-2 ATS-Trailers-Pack-1

Usa trailer pack v1.2 for version ATS 1.3

Changes in v1.2
– Adapted for version 1.3
– Adapted for arizona dlc
– Compatible with advanced trailer coupling
– Cargo Jcb 260 Eco
– Cargo Jcb TM 320s

Authors: MiguelAngel988, Crisan21, Hardtruckisthebest aka Ivan, Corby, Wendy, Peterbilt3597, Yankee Trucker (Aaron), petercar379 (Corey), Bayonet (Chris), Hammer, BULLDOG


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5 Responses to ATS Trailers Pack v 1.2

  1. Lil_Rex

    The front of the drop deck trailers sit too low to couple using the advanced coupling (tested with ventelation shaft load and stock SCS peterbult truck)

  2. JESAN

    Thanks but SCS updated v1.3 beta with the “Charged” company looks and this causes an error message to spawn “unknown company looks hms”
    Crashes the game sometimes.

  3. Mike

    Got it to work with a Vipers2 Peterbilt 389 with the low chassis. I did take a bit longer than usual to hook up the trailer. King pin doesn’t seem to catch as easy as the vanilla trailers.

  4. JCR Modding

    Does these work with the real brands mod? Has any one tested it?

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