9 thoughts on “ATS Special Transport Trailer

  1. Dennis_GER

    This Mod is stolen.

    original Author: Franck Brasil

  2. Kermit Meister



  3. Ets2 instand crash if you set higher priotity of the big silo.

    1. You do realize that this mod is for ATS, and NOT for ETS2, right?!

      1. On the download site the say also for ets

  4. who cares its garbage …….

  5. Deputydawg

    If this mod is stolen, report it so others don’t support the losers who steal other people’s work.

  6. Thanks for the upload. After a few tweaks I managed to get this working beautifully. Thanks.

  7. hola como pongo los autos pilotos en el juego

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