[ATS] Realistic Steering with Keyboard – V3.1.1

I want to share my mod for keyboards that makes the steering and suspension more smoother in-game.

This modification makes truck behavior to feel more realistic with keyboard. It allows you to make smooth turns on high speed without mind of overturn the truck even if you use realistic suspension settings.

This video is a demonstration for those who don’t have a steering wheel and want some realism with keyboard. I hope you enjoy it. 😀

DEMO Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfsgGYlYNe8

Patch compatibility: 1.39.x ; Older versions;

Connection order: This mod should be set at high priority / above all the mods in the list!

Mod compatibility: This mod should work with all default trucks and the moded ones!

Recommended settings:

c_rsteersens 0.75 # Recommended!!! Or you can set slider in-game on middle.

For realistic suspension settings (optional) :

g_suspension_stiffness 0
g_cabin_suspension_stiffness 0
g_truck_stability 0.25
g_trailer_stability 0.25
g_brake_intensity 1

Note*: Write above setting in console (~) after load the profile.
Note**: Lower value means more realistic behavior but high risk of overturn

1. Download the mod from below / download section

LINK FOR ATS: viewtopic.php?f=202&t=284937

2. Put it into your mod folder

3.Activate it on your mod profile

4. Type in console (~) after your profile loaded this command lines:

c_rsteersens 0.75

g_suspension_stiffness 0.2

g_cabin_suspension_stiffness 0

g_truck_stability 0.25

g_trailer_stability 0.25
g_brake_intensity 1

*NOTE: If those values isn’t proper for yourself, feel free to change them.

5. *In game options, your Steering sensitivity should be set to middle* / OR c_rsteersens 0.75 in console (~). This allow you to move your steering faster when your truck is under 30km/h. Also, it is better for parking and roundabouts.

6. Enjoy your ride!


If you enjoy my mod and want to share your appreciation, you can buy me a coffee. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Official modification page:
ETS2: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=39&p=1269766#p1269766
ATS: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=202&t=284937

TheTiger, SCS Software


7 thoughts on “[ATS] Realistic Steering with Keyboard – V3.1.1

  1. The Demon

    Your mod is a piece of shitm quit uploading this to the site, everytime I download it and try to extract it, the mod comes up as either damaged or corrupt, I went to your site and I’m sorry I will not and do not support “patrons” that can’t make a mod that won’t crash my game.

    1. Hi,

      Why do you want to extract it? This mod is locked (damaged) on purpose so my work isn’t stoled by anyone.
      This mod shouldn’t crash your game. It just contains some modified parameters.

      Don’t worry, it’s not mandatory to become a patreon. My work is free for all.l


      1. The Demon

        I want to extract it so that I can fix some of the errors that I’ve seen in other mods where people forget to add a category line, or display line, etc, I never ever have any intentions of steeling anyone mods, I know how much work it takes to try and create these, & sometimes things get missed when updating occurs, I’m just trying to keep my log error free, I will try your mod again, as I really would like to use it since I drive with keyboard and not a steering wheel. Sorry for the venting its just I’ve seen this way too much since I started playing ATS, enjoy the game, & enjoy all the fabulous work all you modders do.

  2. Hi TheTig3r

    this kind of issue above is really related to this mod?

    loading ‘hry-core’ ‘C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/American Truck Simulator/bin/win_x64/plugins/hry-core.dll’
    [sdk] prism::sdk::lookup_channel: channel ‘truck.adblue.consumption.average’ not found
    [hry-core] Initialized!



    1. Hi theosz,

      Looks like you are using “Smooth Interior Camera” plugin by Harry. Those were the errors come from. No impact to the gameplay, only sdk errors.


  3. Simon Rivard

    The Demon is pissed.
    The download went perfectly, no issues, no corrupted or damaged.
    Thanks for making this.

  4. как же у любителей воровать чужой труд пуканы рвёт от залоченных модов :)) Тигр скинь прогу которой можно и мои моды так залочить

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