ATS Real Traffic Density v1.36 by Cip

changelog v.1.36.b
-significantly increase of traffic on freeways and large cities at daytime with no additional FPS loss
-slightly increased spawn of classic cars (if used through my sound packs as separate type of vehicles)
Dx11 is a significant game improvement. large traffic is much easily supported by the game now than in Dx9. it’s time for a truly Real traffic density on large cities and freeways with absolutely no FPS drop (tested on average PC with most of setting at maximum and scaling 400%)
for more details please follow my traffic density thread on scs forum:



3 thoughts on “ATS Real Traffic Density v1.36 by Cip

  1. The file is Def and manifest.sii. So how’s the installation? It’s not scs file

    1. you simply add the zip file in the mod fiolder.
      .zip or .scs are the same! I pack my mods as .zip because I pack a lot of mods and rename it all the time into .scs takes time, besides it’s easier to add files in existent packs if stored as .zip rater than .scs

  2. not working :(

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