ATS ProMods 1.0.2 Save Game for 1.41 [TruckersMP-Singleplayer-Convoys]

ATS 1.41 version is the ProMods 1.0.2 save game. That save is include Oregon and Washington map dlc, ProMods only have Oregon and Washington DLC. If you have the all map DLC, click the 2 download mirror link.

NOTE: It is recommended to have all maps, but not required.

– 1.41 Version
– Compatible ProMods 1.0.2 Version
– Money: €982,567,288,832
– Level 64 Legend (352,323 XP)
– Max Skills
– All Upper Garages Unlocked (54 garages)
– All Truck Dealers Unlocked (40 dealers)
– All Recruitment Agency Discovered (14 recruitment agency)
– All Map and Cities 100% Discovered
– Compatible with the Convoys (MP)
– Working on TruckersMP


Installation > My Documentry > American Truck Simulator > Profiles > put the 4D45582056616E696C6C61205361766547616D65 file.



One thought on “ATS ProMods 1.0.2 Save Game for 1.41 [TruckersMP-Singleplayer-Convoys]

  1. The Manifest file shows as 1.40, not 1.41. I have Notepad++ but I can’t figure out how to change it to 1.41. I’m new to using Notepad++ and trying to Edit something. . LOL

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