ATS Owned Trailers Templates with Example Skin Mod

These are the templates for the brand new Owned Trailers in ATS 1.32. I am also including an example mod which will allow you to see the file structure needed for skinning these trailers. The example skin also functions as a way to see what area of the temple corresponds to what part of the trailer if you place the dds texture in with the template.

The Redneck Ram, SCS Software


14 thoughts on “ATS Owned Trailers Templates with Example Skin Mod

  1. PitbullTasja

    Thx for this, helped me to make my own skins.

    1. How to make it? (Ur won skin), Thx, for reply!

  2. The curtain trailers show up purple in game and not the example skin like the box trailers, why is that?

  3. Hi. Can you make it please for ETS2 too?
    Thank you for reply.

    1. Yes. I will try to get an ETS2 example mod version as well. I actually just made my own templates for the ETS2 trailers yesterday, so now I just need to put together the example mod to go with them before releasing them.

  4. Author, not the correct registration! At yourself see the ravine of a game

    1. I assume that your comment has been put through Google Translate because it does not make sense to me.

      1. In ravine of the games writes that wrong residence!!! The Russian account!!! Is useful)))

  5. Придурок, сука!!!

  6. TheRedneckRam, ####### do this ####!!!

    1. FarmerBill

      ####, that much English he knows, what a #### head Red.

  7. could you update this mod for 1.35 please?

    Thanks :)

  8. PlasmaRaven

    is this out dated how come when i use it in game it crashes my game i even tryed making logos went in game and it crashed but yet it does show up in main menu in the trailer shop

    1. PlasmaRaven

      ment to say textures

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