ATS MHA Pro Map v 1.2

MHA-Pro-Map-3 MHA-Pro-Map-2 MHA-Pro-Map-1

MHAPro ATS 1.2. (Compatible with 1.1.x Steam and higher):

ChangeLog : new in ChangeLog from last update

1. new company McDonalds in game MOD
2. new company Burger King in game MOD
3. new company Rcic in game MOD
4. new company MHA_constr in game MOD
5. city EUREKA
– company McDonalds
– company Rcic
6. new gas stations on highway 5
7. new cross on highway 5
8. new city look Eureka
9. redesigned road 299 with new parking places
10. redesigned highway 5 with new parking places
11. new look city Redding
12. redesigned road 395 with new parking places and gas stations
13. new sign for “right turn when is red light on semaphore”
14. new company MHA_Service in game MOD
15. new city look Reno
16. city Reno
– company King Burger
– company MHA Service
17. new big gas station on highway 80 from Reno to Winnemucca
18. redesigned highway 80 Reno – Winnemucca
19. new border village McDermitt (Nevada)
– company MHA service
– company MHA_constr
20. redesigned road 95 from Winnemucca to Oregon border where is city McDermitt
21. redesigned city Winnemucca (Nevada)
22. new city (village) Battle Mountain (Nevada)
– company Rcic
– company Roadwork MHA
23. new company Roadwork MHA in game MOD
24. new cross on highway from San Rafael to Stockton (CA)
25. new cross on highway 15 near Barstow to Bakersield (CA)
26. new small city Wells (Nevada)
– company MHA Service
– company Wal_Food_mkt
– company Gal_oil_gst
27. redesigned city Jackpot
– company MHA_constr
28. redesigned road 93 from North Nevada (city Wells) to Ely
29. fixed many small mistakes and bugs from vanilla game
30. road mark for hw 80
31. road mark for hw 580
32. road mark for hw 5
33. 6 redesigned signs from SCS
34. parking places on weight stations and on other places,companies, etc.

Author: Heavy Alex


70 thoughts on “ATS MHA Pro Map v 1.2

  1. how do i download this map for ats

    1. Heavy Alex

      look in first post … downthere are 5 download links … you need ALL 5 parts !

      download all of them and put them in “mod folder” on your PC !

      1. It just keeps coming up as the MHApro map for ets2

  2. Perfect Man, Thank’s for this works!

  3. You put alot of time into this rework heavy alex and it is very much APPRECIATED

  4. The links are not working says the files are missing.

    1. Heavy Alex

      be patient … everything work ! … it is just presure on Server … it is first hour in Download and everybody want to download map !!

      1. Bravo wonderful map its great addon. you fixed Tonopah and that is a major need. The lights there fix the traffic problem. All the rest of the changes make it feel more like the US. best mod of all.

  5. The links are not working says the files are missing.

  6. Heavy Alex

    Thank you all players for positive and negative comments ! …that is first ATS version …and of course next version will be bigger and better …like always,

    enjoy in playing

    every problem, bug, mistake … send me on my mail :

    [email protected]

  7. Ken Macelmon


    1. Ken i had to remove 2 of my other map mods then it worked so try deleting any mods that alter the map in anyway before using this one…..

  8. Links are empty, no file found in no one link….

  9. Thanks you for this mod alex… Really appriciate it mate…

  10. brilliant work Alex……

  11. Is your mod compatible with the Coast to Coast map, Alex?

  12. Heavy Alex, let another link, please! Thanks!

  13. is link to the MHA ATS version, downloadlink in description links me to indeed ETS map instead of ATS map.

    5 parts all needed are on that page.

  14. Great map. Just curious why the 5 parts though, since it’s such a small map. I could see splitting up the download for something that’s 10_ GB, but this total map is only 50 MB combined.

    1. Alex splitted already up cause of future so people are used to it when it does get bigger then what it is now.

  15. Arthur Vince

    Awesome Job Alex!! I like all the New Billboards, New towns and Junkfood restaurants..maybe an idea to put some police-station in it?

  16. This is for ETS2 not ATS…

    1. please lol are you drunk?

      1. yes for me for ets2 too … what wrong ?

  17. The menus are getting ALL reshuffled not mine. Can Conflict with Trailer mods ?

  18. doesnt work for me either …. no file on the download link tried each of the 5 parts several times …

    1. download from 5 to 1 in that order not 1 to 5 it worked for me then for some reason, its installed and has some nice touches and enhancements

  19. why does it ALWAYS show this file is no longer available when I try to down load, do you have an alternative download link please, always been a great lover of your work and cant wait to try this if I can, keep up the good work buddy

  20. Russian beast

    Thank you, Alex, for great pioneering work. But it’s impossible to download the files. There are meny different uploaders in internet. Could you please select a more functioning one?

  21. Hey Alex why don’t you just upload all 5 parts in one zip file to media share buddy. They hardly ever have server issues no matter how much traffic is on their site. Just a suggestion. As always great work man.

  22. Is this mod compatible with Real Companies, Trailers, Logo by Grimes? And is this compatible with Mantrid’s Coast To Coast?

    1. And yes guys, MHA did give us the incorrect link. Here is a CORRECTED link of the page he SHOULD’VE gave us :

      1. yes that one worked for me.

        thanks for the correct link.

      2. Thanks Henter

  23. First thing I get is a notice telling me to turn off Adblock, then I get an ad anyway when I click continue. Also a dead link.

    How is this a great mod?

  24. The file you were looking for could not be found, sorry for any inconvenience.

    Possible causes of this error could be: The file expired
    The file was deleted by its owner
    The file was deleted by administration because it didn’t comply with our Terms of Use

  25. Thank you Tasja!!
    This works!

  26. Absolutely recommended!

    I hope you can enhance LA to Vegas, too. Maybe add Palm Springs, there’s a little room.

  27. pat stringer

    TY Heavy Alex :)

  28. Heavy Alex

    Please, I have a recommendation to all players !!

    If you want play with my map on “long distance” , then start with totaly new Profile in game and use that Profile JUST FOR MHAPro map !!!

    The same is in ETS2 !

    Those two games work the same way. So, do not mishmash with MODs and other maps , just like you think you can. Map MODs can not work together if two mappers work on the same Sector in game … what you cant know for sure, so is better ask before.

    On other hand, I work totaly alone, so that will be in ATS game a little bid harder , that will other maps work with my map … in ETS2 with my map work just Russian map , that I know…if you play with some other, please share with us information about that.

    If you have any question, send me on my Mail … and I will answer in 1-2 days for sure, just depend if I’m “in ” work with map or I’m not totaly “in” …

    Enjoy and I hope you’ll like it !

  29. Heavy Alex

    Now I saw there is wrong Download link to my Blog … sorry on that …

    That is right place to download link, on my Blog :

  30. this does NOT work;( there is somewhere a EU version that is Dl and the other version crashing the game;( where the heck is the correct version for ATS???????

  31. james polkinghorne

    link is dead The file you were looking for could not be found, sorry for any inconvenience.

    Possible causes of this error could be: The file expired
    The file was deleted by its owner
    The file was deleted by administration because it didn’t comply with our Terms of Use

  32. Suggestions:
    Make all on and off ramps at least 3 times longer. More life like.
    Freeways are more then 2 lanes. At least a lot of 3 lanes, sometimes 4.
    101 should connect San Rafael to Eureka. (Redwood forest scenery).

    1. Though I understand your wish, re-skinning existing objects is one thing, but using different more freeway lanes or onramps requires new prefabs (extensive 3-d modelling).
      I’m quite happy with what Alex did – I’ve tried editing the vanilla interstates, and in many places, it’s hard just because of the scale and size of the prefabs.
      I’d suggest you try for yourself, and “thank” SCS for the crappy mapping.

  33. SnoMann72

    To all those that is saying this map mod don’t work, it does work. You put the map in order, 1 thru 5 and put it on top. I put them on top and got, Your truck is reparked to make sure no collision or something to that.

  34. it does not work with coast to coast

    1. I can’t get coast to coast to work period. I can’t get the file with the image to appear again in my mod list. It worked earlier until I started fresh [new mods and all]. Any advice?

  35. for those who are having problems upon activating the 5 different parts, do the following.
    1-put the 5 mods at the bottom of the active listing. From top down to the bottom of the 5 mods list as follows.
    ______bottom of active listing.
    *** take note: alex’s mod will not add to the following mod but you can add it to the active listing by placing it above the #5 mod.
    coast to coast v1.4. It works.
    Coast to coast v1.4
    MHAPro map ATS 1.2. Part 5
    MHAPro map ATS 1.2. Part 4
    MHAPro map ATS 1.2. Part 3
    MHAPro map ATS 1.2. Part 2
    MHAPro map ATS 1.2. Part 1

    Hope this helps. In ATS mods always go last and usually are inverted in order do to layering of the mod.

  36. First thing I see is a loading of UDS guys off-loading into a Limo, pretty shady but I know the mod works.

    1. And of course no way to edit my comment leaves this grammar Nazi unhappy.

  37. thanks for your graet work ms alex !! :-)

  38. Arthur Vince

    Awesome job Alex, I like the cops standing next to their Patrol Cars….eating

    1. hahaha Right :D i laugh when i got to refuel :P nice lil touch :) and i was soooo pleased seing that brand new “uncopied from the same template over and over again” truck stop :)

  39. I get a CTD when i try to load. Got a new profile without mods but keeps crashing. Tried in both orders (1-5 and 5-1) but keeps crashing. Crash log said something about vegetation….. any idea what the problem can be?

    1. any weather mods installed ? if so give ’em higher or lower priority

  40. applying different modorder didn’t cause any gamecrash – loads like it should, but with the Coast to Coast MAP higher than this it removed some companies/MHA Truck Repair and townname like McDermitt…haven’t played it yet, MAPzoom works alright, no problems …btw Hawaii MAP added to, had that one the highest priority between these 3 MAPmods… looking good!

    top to bottom…
    Hawaii, Part:5,4,3,2,1, C2C works for me….

    1. hmm, did not check entire map, apart from Hawaii (don’t use it anymore as it is a copy paste…same as inland, but great try) this IS not compatible with Coast to Coast, C2C not only removed the names, it removed the content aswell if it had higher priority, if given lower priority the connection roads … I-40, I-15 isn’t there, roads closed by barriers…either go with more content in these 2 states or go to east without this one…looks like it gonna be another profile.

  41. very nice job,luckly it is compatible with coat to coast and now i am enjoing al this map…..tnx Alex…

  42. Amazing work!!!!!!!!

  43. I do have one small issue with this mod thought. the scales at the truck stops are not DOT scales. they are cat scales for the use of truck drivers only. DOT never uses these scales. Also a question of Primm and Victorville I was wondering if overpasses could be put in at those locations as well?

  44. now the road i prefer driving on is yours my friend :) I always end up trying to do a road from eureka to jackpot and everything in between :P Its Promods quality, with tons of little details :) this with walkers mod extended to every city, will bring every road and city alive and so much more entertaining :D
    A large Freightliner Classic XL parking a long trailer in burger king : WHAT A GREAT CHALLENGE using ONLY in cab when we need to park the driver in the middle of the parking lot. I didnt managed :P i played it realisticly tho, ive parked brake 3 times and then “got out” to see where im at without hitting anything at all time :P Guys, can you do better with a standard long refrigirated trailer ? i challenge you to do so without even “getting out of the truck” ;)
    I would also suggest 2 HUGE thing Heavy Alex wich would add to the realism factor as you seems to aim that way : First is to extend merging/exit ramp so it can feel even more realistic having time to slow down (i play with brake intensity all the way to zero, i always end end using all i can like IRL, Jacob, a bit of retarder and gentle brake on exit ramp) :) and second, if possible, add a sign that warn us about the changing speed limit coming up ahead, so we can realisticaly pull the jacob lever and just let the engine do its work slowing us down preparing for the upcoming new speed limit :D

    Meanwhile, Thank you very much Heavy Alex for this great addition :)
    Looking foward to see next update

  45. Fernfahrer

    My Map is very good but I have now discovered a few mistakes and prior Redding and from the workshop in Redding to Eureka on the winding route are holes in the map as the Top Truck crashes into a hole otherwise the Map !!

  46. You sneaky bi*7^, you failed to mention the $50K you’ve snuck into your mod. I know because I tried only this one and before I even start job #1, I’m half way to a company. Up your gd ###.

    1. That remark is uncalled for sir

  47. First let me say how much I appreciate your mod! It’s so great that I now have lots of gas station because in real life us truckers always find truck stops to rest and eat not resting ares, let alone hotels, while on a job. So this made my life a lot easier thanks to you.

    I would like although McDonald to be bigger and feel more like a truck stop like in real life, but no biggie.

    My big issue though is that this mod makes my economy mode (klass economy) not working. Is there a way to make them compatible? Thanks in advance!

  48. Is there a way for this mod to work along with economy mods like the klaas Economy? It would be so awesome if ti would..

  49. i really like the map but don’t like how the new companies are just the logo replacing original SCS company logos, for example Mcdonalds replaces Walbert but there is no trailers or anything.

  50. I think I have found a bug on this. Every time I’m enabling the mod it makes my camera zoom out way to far from my truck.. Whenever I change from camera 1 to camera 2 I get this bug.

    Any way of fixing it?

  51. HELLO!
    IN the next update is it possible to add garages? I would LOVE to have a purchaceable Garage in atleast Truckee or Eureka.. IT WOULD BE REALLY COOL!
    please make it happen!

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