ATS Local Radio v 1.23.0

New in this version:
This version adds support for the New Mexico DLC. Over 70 new stations were added to all cities in the New Mexico DLC.


ATS/ETS2 Local Radio plays radio from where you are, in ATS. Feel the immersion when radio from Roswell plays when you drive around Roswell, and radio from San Diego when you drive around San Diego. It will switch automatically, while also allowing you to switch stations while driving. You can switch using the web interface, your keyboard, your controller and your mobile phone.

ATS Local Radio contains over 300 radio stations that you could realistically listen to if you were driving in that actual city. It does not include radio stations that you would not be able to receive over FM or AM in that city, like TruckersFM. However, you can add those yourself if you so desire.

Supported maps:

ATS: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Viva la Mexico.

It’s available in over 20 languages!



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