ATS – Johndoe SiCKX ReShade v2.1 – VEESEVEN


It’s been an eternity since I released v1 dubbed FAKEDX11, I’m proud to share with you the next version of my ReShade Preset v2.0 aka VEESEVEN, the definitive way to enjoy ATS . This version is designed to bring ATS closer to the modern look of AAA racing/driving videogames, taking inspiration from titles such as Forza Horizon 4 and GT Sport as well as tons of Real Life footage.

For fancier skies use DamianSVW’s mod for ATS.

Enjoy the very best and unmatched JD6 v2.1 ReShade Preset! Just like the ETS2 version, a ReShade for KINGS.

ChangeLog v2.1

-Updated shaders/texture
-Minor Performance Tweaks

Johndoe SiCKX


One thought on “ATS – Johndoe SiCKX ReShade v2.1 – VEESEVEN

  1. seems to be blurry when looking at side mirrors? why would this be

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