ATS – JD6 LuxuS – RAY TRACING ReShade [1.43]

Built on the concept “less is more” JD6 LuxuS preset is the definitive way to enhance how ATS looks. There are no silly unrealistic overblown AO effects or weird reflections/artifacting as most amateurs produce. The lowest recommended GPU is an Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB or its AMD equivalent but you can try it with even lower end video cards.

ChangeLog JD6 “LuxuS” ATS


-New approach to visuals
-Performance adjustments
-New Shaders
-Ray Traced Global Illumination

Johndoe SiCKX


6 thoughts on “ATS – JD6 LuxuS – RAY TRACING ReShade [1.43]

  1. Is there a sweet spot to place the activated mod in the Mod manager? I haven’t tried it yet but from the screenshots it looks great. My thanks.

  2. @GT182

    It isn’t a normal ATS mod. This is a preset for ReShade. So you will need to follow the steps for using ReShade.

  3. This is a preset for ReShade, not a standard ATS mod. You need to follow the steps to utilize ReShade.

    1. Sorry for the multiple posts. The first one didn’t show up for me after I posted it.

  4. Thanks Steven. I’ve had the same happen to me. Too bad there is a way to delete the extras.

  5. MNLMaster

    I dont see a Difference, it looks the same as always in the lighting,which was what really changed why i did not notice any changes in your video

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