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ATS Heavy Cargo Logos v 1.0

Date 2017-06-07 15:36

This mod replaces the default logos of the ATS Heavy Cargo DLC with their respective real-life equivalents.

Lowboy: Fontaine Trailer
Kase Fourtrack 800 Tractor: Case Quadtrac 600
Writigen: Wirtgen
Dozer Crawl: Komatsu D155AX
Rex-Tex: Terex
Mutt 672R Scraper: Cat 627H
Transformer: Siemens

1. Due to the texture mapping of the models, the decal placements may not be exactly the same as real-life.
2. Due to the texture mapping of the models, some decals have been omitted.

1. Copy the “ATS_Heavy_Cargo_Logos_andrei383.scs” file into your ATS mod folder.
2. Activate the mod in the ATS mod manager.

Important Info:
1. I am not responsible for any damage that this modification may cause. This mod is provided on an “as-is” basis and was developed and tested for the version of American Truck Simulator.
2. Please do no re-upload this mod to other sites. This mod is provided as freeware. If you paid for this mod, demand a refund.
3. You may NOT modify and reupload this mod (or any part of it) without permission.

If you would like to support the continued development of this and other (future) mods, please consider making a donation. You can donate via PayPal: http://paypal.me/andrei383
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact me in the comments or on the SCS Forum.



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  1. Dab Ent.


  2. Dab Ent.

    Thanks :] I figured that out very shortly after downloading. haha lol. It works real nice i like it good work. :] I’m loving this new dlc too been too long of a wait for multi coupler points

  3. andrew


  4. 8v92

    The CAT Scraper should be the K Model not the H, 2 totally different looking Scrapers… can you fix it!!!.. nice job… Check the CAT website if you have doubts.

    • Firstly, the SCS internal name is 627H so it seems SCS have referenced the 627H. Secondly, the cab design of the H and K are different, and the in-game model looks more like the 627H.

      Honestly they both look the same to me (and specs are similar as well).

    • Lazy_Youmu

      The 627h and 627k are nearly identical…

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