ATS – Google Maps Navigation v 1.8

American Truck Simulator Google Maps Navigation mod has been updated to version 1.8!

What’s new with v1.8

*Port icon changed.

General Description

Mod changing the in-vehicle navigation screen with Google Maps Navigation.

Navigation screen colors, arrow and map icons have been changed.

Your GPS navigation screen will look more realistic now.

Compatible with 1.34.x and 1.35.x game version.

Sinagrit Baba


2 thoughts on “ATS – Google Maps Navigation v 1.8

  1. Hi, have installed this mod but it makes the road network twice as large as the in-game map so half of the USA & Mexico is in the Pacific Ocean. Am running
    Background Map, Canadream, US Expansion & all the Mexico Maps.

    Do I need the Add-ons to rescale everything?

    1. Answering myself: The answer is yes. I D/L’ed the Add-ons for each map I was using, applied them in the same order as the maps they’re for and everything is back in scale.

      Mod Recommended.

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