ATS Default Truck Models For ETS2 Studio

These zip files are all ready to be added to the ETS2 Studio.
Do not unzip them, just add the zip to ETS2 Studio in options/truck datebase/add truck/load from mod
also included is a 800×700 png pic for the default image in each truck folder.
You are free to share this package with other mod sites however I do ask you give proper credits back to me
and keep my original download link for the work I put into putting this package together for you modders.

Uncle D Studios © 2017
All Rights Reserved

Uncle D Studios © 2017


9 thoughts on “ATS Default Truck Models For ETS2 Studio

  1. What is ETS2 Studio, they are not for ATS?

  2. Shut up………………………..

    1. Anonymous

      Oi no need for that!!

      1. Mind your own phucking business….nobody talking to you!

    2. Default_Modder

      This is a nice thing you did here. Sendspace is slow af though.

    3. @Uncle_D – #### a onion. Was so hard to explain? … tired lizard which you are.

      1. My bad Terra….I misread your comment and thought you were trying to be ah smartass, All these other Euro modders act like the Americans cant use the ETS2 products so I’m ALWAYS on the defense of Euro shizt talkers on these sites. ETS2 Studio is a free program modders use to convert their skins and mods to the scs file needed, yes it was built for ETS2 but if you go YouTube video you’ll learn learn how you can add the ATS trucks, not trailers and get the skin package to the scs file format needed

  3. Dangit, I literally spent like an hour and a half doing this myself like 2 days ago, wish I had waited now… lol

    I was curious though, I wonder if we could do this with ATS trailers too?

  4. Here is another download link that might run faster, it’s the site I normally use but it was tripping so had to use Sendspace as a backup

    and I don’t think ATS Trailers will work in ETS2 Studio cause you won’t be able to to set the loads and jobs correct but they been saying forever a ATS Studio is coming but these guys slow as SCS SMDH

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