ATS Boost Launcher (Soft Edition)

ATS Boost Launcher (Soft Edition)
What is this script and what is do?
This is special batch script created special for ATS. This script shutdown necessary processes,increase overall performance of computer, improve FPS in game and make game run in High Priority for better performance,fps,loading….etc
Script work automatically so you not need press anything just run and thats all. After you finish playing script will automatically restore all settings. For now i made script to work only with Steam version of ATS
What is the difference Hardcore Edition vs. Soft Edition?

Hardcore Edition
-More closed processes
-Better performance
-Uploaded only on my Patreon website

Soft Edition
-Close windows explorer and few other processes
-Little improvements in performance
-Uploaded only on

For Hardcore version visit my Patreon website

Only Hardcore Version will be updated in future…Soft version not get any updates maybe fixes but not improvements



13 thoughts on “ATS Boost Launcher (Soft Edition)

  1. ATS Trucker

    What is the difference ######## Edition vs. Soft Edition? The ######## COST ya MONEY to get it on his site!!!

    1. Maybe its true but sometimes you need pay for something what really work like in real life and if you dont like pay or you dont like my mods than skip my mods. Ok? No one say you need pay you can use Soft version instead. But with fcking 1$ you gain access to all my mods not only ######## Version.

      1. I think we can do manually what this mod do automatically… I wouldn’t pay for that.

      2. ATS Trucker

        BLiNKT, It may be just a $1 & you’ve had 2 people since yesterday, Lol! Like “Deputydawg” said It’s a Joke because LOTS of software does the same thing, I already have mine set to do that! You want people to help you upgrade your Computer by Ripping them off, Get a Job!!!! With your Smart talking mouth nobody will download your Junk Mods!

        1. btw i have i job and this donations its just help me to improve my pc..

          Do it but please skip my mod and dont comment if you dont like and if you hater. I dont need you and your money and your ###### comments

          Like i say many times you not need pay for it you can use Soft version for FREE

  2. garbage

  3. Alejandro de los santos

    K mal, la rregaste porque aquin se le ocurre subir a un pagina web de Ats mods para que solo funcione en ats steam original

  4. Deputydawg

    This mod is a joke. There are plenty of software out there that are free that does what this mod does.

    1. No one say you must use my script if you dont like just skip. I know is out many software which do same thing so why you not use it. I just want help to people i dont know why you rude. I few years ago have bad pc and no one make something like this now when i have good pc there is some software which improve fps. So like i say before if you dont like skip it. I have just one point help to people and not earn money. That Patreon is a just mininum donation and support nothing else. Thanks anyway for your comment

  5. Ivan Mason

    lol. “and few other processes”… man, its so many dif. programms on our PCs\laptops. you cant make a “universal” bat\cmd- file. so its absolutlyuseless thing. also kill the win-explorer its bad desigion. very bad

  6. Someone is trying to make some money. S….

  7. I gave it a good try, but, honestly I don’t see any performance difference at all.

  8. Does this work like Game Booster? It works for all game and shuts down processes that that aren’t needed. It boosts your computer’s performance so your games run better.

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