Asphalt8 Traffic Pack 1.35 edit by Cip

this is the pack with the highest quality of all Ai vehicles I have tested. it was initially uploaded by alkonavt96 and corrected, completed, improved and updated by me for each new game version since 1.31

This update integrated the personalized sounds directly in the mod (not in additional addon as before) and all necessary files for full compatibility with my traffic density mod. This mod contains also personalized colors for all cars, tweaked speeds, drivers by jazzycat and spawn ratio (ultra sport cars appear very rarely)

Please read on my Sounds thread on SCS forum to learn how to use this pack and to find other sounds packs for ETS2 and ATS:
no need to download again if you have already the ETS2 version

share only by keeping the author’s link! keep in mind that mod thieves are too dumb to release updates for you, if one day I decide that enough is enough ;)

alkonavt96, cipinho


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