Arayas Supertraffic v 1.2 [1.29.xx] Combo Pack

Pretty often in the past i was finding myself running to find “traffic” mods because vanilla ETS2 map spawned a few cars in the game.

In time i just realized that all the mods are just Placebo pills.
The game has a simple policy about the number of cars in the game, just one file for spawning vehicles by the hour and type of road
and the multiplier known as <> (this value is DEFAULT). THAT’S IT!
Of course, many mods have tones of files in it but they are doing more damage than to affect traffic.
They are editing files needed by other map mods or other car, country mod and the final result is crashing the game.
Use a simple mod for spawning diversity (by the rush hours of the day and by the type of the road) with a little boost on allowed number of spawned cars.
The only difference is that ATS vanilla game it’s spawning even less cars than ETS.
So my mod was reworked from scratch. It works? See the video on youtube!
I divided the day in parts with different car density. Rush Hour between 7-9 and 16-18, normal density the rest of the day, reduced traffic between 22-0 and night traffic with bigger density for trucks. I increased the number of alowed car to be spawned.
You have 2 files in COMBO pack, extreme version and standard version. Standard it’s way better than vanilla game but you will have air to breathe. USE ONLY ONE.
Tested with important maps or vanilla, DLC or not.
Put above any map file.
For fast updates for this mod or sugestions, go directly to Arayas Workshop here
You will get an answer in less than 24 hours!



One thought on “Arayas Supertraffic v 1.2 [1.29.xx] Combo Pack

  1. Mohammad owais

    how your lights are very bright plz tell or plz give me the link of that mod thanks your indicator lights are very bright wao just like real

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