Arayas NO Mirrors [ATS2 1.29.xx]

Well it’s not realistic but in real life the field of view from your driving seat it’s much bigger. In ATS you can’t see nothing in your side window because your mirror it’s blocking your view.

With this mod you can make side mirrors invisible from the inside of the cabin
but not from outside.
A picture replace 1000 words, see the photos.

For fast updates for this mod or sugestions, go directly to Arayas Workshop here
You will get an answer in less than 24 hours!



6 thoughts on “Arayas NO Mirrors [ATS2 1.29.xx]

  1. That Mod only seems to be of ay use backing
    You need mirrors to merge traffic to to change lines, this seems to be a good idea but its not.
    Unless you have penalties turned off in Options alot of trucks are going to pick up damage where they normally do not
    I will not be using this Mod

    1. You have Virtual Mirrors to use for drivind and a free field of view on your left window. I have no ideea what you talking about or maybe you dont know ATS options. Just press F2 two times, and ta-daaa! surprise! …jeez.

  2. “Well it’s not realistic but in real life the field of view from your driving seat it’s much bigger”

    LOL So let’s remove the mirrors and use the virtual ones ha ha ha xD

    No thanks. It’s even less realistic without physical mirrors.
    Just don’t talk about realism. It’s only about field of view.

    1. Judging from the number of downloads in 12 hours i will say same people find it useful. Second, it’s a game, nothing real in this. Third, if you not interested in my mod why waste my time and yours with philosophycal comments? Just move on.

  3. This is one of my favourite mods of all time. So simple and useful. I think SCS should give us the option to remove side mirrors since they take so much space. I have used this in conjunction with the top mirrors mod and they give me so much more view. Thank you Arayas!

  4. Unfortunately, it does not work on all trucks. I am especially annoyed by the huge mirrors in Mack, because of which you can not see the cars leaving the left.

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