Aradeth’s Volvo VNL 670 v 1.5.3 updated for ATS 1.31.x

Aradeth’s VNL 670 in its 1.5.3 revision. Updated dealer config and added trailer cables for use in ATS 1.31.x ONLY!
No new stuff otherwise.

Excerpt from the original mod:

– 12 different chassis.
– Volvo, Cat, ISX, Cummins, Paccar engines with own sounds.
– I-Shift, Eaton Fuller, Allison transmissions.
– 5 different interiors with 900 and 1800 degree steering wheel support.
– Full animation support.(Wheel, gps, transmission, pedals, indicators, sticks, tv etc.)
– Standalone and available in quick jobs.
– Compatible with all DLCs.
– A wide variety of exterior/interior customization options.
(Overall 300+ different options on 60+ different parts of the truck, plus lots of accessories.)

Credits: Aradeth, Kriechbaum, Piva, ohaha, RJL, AlexeyP, Martinezio, Ventyres, ZilpZalp, Nordisch, cZak, Samson, Scania124L, loogie, kamaz, Snekko, TruckManiac, Malcom37, Peerke 145, vovangt4 ,AU44, None, Big Bob, SCS, updated by TomDooley


13 thoughts on “Aradeth’s Volvo VNL 670 v 1.5.3 updated for ATS 1.31.x

  1. It has a few issues. The left turn signal has over flaring problems into the fog lights, the beacon needs corrected it also has flaring problems as it flashes in the cab and is hard to drive with the beacon on. Also it don’t handle as good as it did before it’s harder to control with the steering so loose. Oh and the Jake Brake or Engine Brake as it’s called don’t work anymore. Please update and correct these issues. Other than that I’m glad to have the truck back.

    1. Same issues here! I’ll stick with the older version for now. Oh, and one more thing, the game will crash if you will choose some ohaha lights at the back of your truck. Can’t remember exactly which is it since I’ve removed the mod already.

  2. Tracey Sharpe


  3. Video test here … Great mod ! :D

  4. licinio carlos de jesus milito duarte costa

    pleasse mack for ets2 v1.31

    1. TomDooley

      No. Go away.

      Beg somewhere else.

  5. causes crash to desktop when going into dealership.

    1. TomDooley

      This is on your end. Not entirely my problem.

      Remove outdated and conflict mods or move on.

  6. Where to find it?

  7. ATS Trucker

    All you guys that’s having Big problems it must a Mod conflict it works perfect for me other then a couple of small issues, It don’t go out of 12 gear & signal lights are to dim that’s all I’ve seen so far!

  8. R & T Trucking

    @ Tom Dooley, Thank you for updating this Great Truck to 1.31! And all you guys that want to complain about crashes CLEAN up your old outdated MODS the new update to 1.31 is going to cause mod conflicts with old mods that people don’t update! Cleaned up my mods & all the New 1.31 true updated mods are working fine!!!!

  9. What+needs+to+done+in+the+dealer+config+to+make+a+truck+appear+in+1.31

  10. I have no idea why all the + symbols appeared in the text.

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