Another screens

american_truck_simulator_3 american_truck_simulator_4 american_truck_simulator_1 american_truck_simulator_5 american_truck_simulator_6 american_truck_simulator_2

SCS words:

“Despite showing a public build of the game some two weeks ago at Gamescom called a “beta,” American Truck Simulator is still very much in production and undergoing internal testing, no wider beta testing has been started yet. We have to ask our small inner circle of volunteer beta testers to still be patient with us. Fortunately, most things are already in place, and the team is busy with establishing the initial game economy network, polishing environment and vehicle assets, while considerable work is also invested into game optimization.”

2 thoughts on “Another screens

  1. ruben chapa

    me gustaria descargar estos tipos de juegos

  2. ruben chapa

    no le entiendo bien a el ingles

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