American Realism Trailers

American-Realism-Trailers-3 American-Realism-Trailers-2 American-Realism-Trailers-1

This is a reskin of all default trailers in the game so represent actual real companies. This adds another level of immersion to the game and really makes it feel like home!

Initial Release v 1.0

Author: SystemSoldier X


5 thoughts on “American Realism Trailers

  1. As I was the lucky one who could redeem the included key for a steam game, I have to say thank you! That’s a very nice idea to make people read the mod description, and I really hope it will become more common.

    But in order to prevent anyone from getting jealous or unhappy, I should also say what game I got. Everything you need to know you’ll find here:

    Anyway I had a good laugh and hope you will have one as well. Cheers!

  2. System Soldier X

    ###, lol, Great Review!!!! Congratz….maybe…on finding the key. It looks horrible, lol. Maybe I should say sorry?

  3. wafflesaur

    this might be a bit ######, but how do i use the mod?

  4. System Soldier X

    put the mod in your mods folder in document/american truck simulator and activate the mod in game via the mod browser. If you dont have a mod folderm yu can just create it



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