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American Companies 3000R Utility Skin Pack v 1.0

Date 2016-12-03 20:51


6 skins: Pegasus Transportation, Decker, DOT, Tribe Express, Hirschbach and Dutch Maid.
This skin pack only works if you have 3000R utility trailer from Steam workshop activated, enjoy!!!

Skins by Bigrigfrosty


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20 Responses to American Companies 3000R Utility Skin Pack v 1.0

  1. juan solis

    can you make a Hirschbach or Decker skin.For the Hirschbach can you do it for the international prostar plz thank you.

  2. Doesn’t work at all invthe 1.5 beta so if your not getting them ready for the final 1.5 SCS update it’s ah waste

  3. this isn’t for beta, so not a waste but thanks for the motivation lol

    • Whatever……soon as the 1.5 goes live all this is useless….MP too…..STATE IT’S NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 1.5 dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and stop wasting people’s time

    • Johnny Rotten

      Well, you obviously don’t know what wasting your time is all about then, good luck in life.

  4. Andre Burton

    very nice skins thank you

  5. When y’all gonna learn if it won’t work in a beta it #### sure not gonna work when the beta goes live…you should be getting the bugs in order now just like SCS is doing…..geezzz……no wonder mods don’t work well together in this #### sim, cause y’all don’t give ah #### about getting it up to date and right I guess……

    • Ralloh

      Frustrating as hell, isn’t it. They are terrible about explaining what some of these mods even do. Oh well, I think 1.5 is great and am exclusively using it now. If a new mod won’t work with it, I won’t bother downloading it.

    • It works in Beta, you just need to learn how to use mods, good luck buddy ;)

  6. Joe

    What he said ‘Uncle_d’ +1

  7. you guys aren’t very bright lol, once the modder updates the mod to 1.5 the skins will also work fine :p so stop wasting your time wining, oh and showing respect to ppl who provide stuff on here wouldn’t hurt either, sad part is Uncle D is an adult and acts worse that the 10 year olds in the community haha

  8. oh and by the way, it works fine in Beta, so learn how to use mods would be my only advice :p

  9. Devin

    works fine in beta for me lol… keep the packs coming

  10. Andre Burton

    Works great for me excellent pack thanks again big frosty

  11. Chickenlights&Chrome


  12. Sid Snot

    Have you sorted out the lod problem that these trailers had on Steam Workshop?

  13. Stacks420


  14. Stacks420

    I cant seem to find the dutch maid skin the mod is active but I cant seem to find it plese help

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