Air Horns Mod Pack V3.0 for ATS

This mod is Air Horns Mod Pack.
This mod pack has 5 air horns.
-Arabia Horn
-Quartet Arabia Horn
-Whistle Horn
-Nuri Alço Horn
-Snail Horn

Changelog v3.0

-Adapted to version v1.39.x.
-Adapted to FMOD sound update.

Changelog v2.0
-It was made into a single file.
-The inside of the cabin was made realistic by decreasing the sound.

Bu mod Havalı Korna Paketi’dir.
5 havalı korna sesi içerir.
-Arap Korna
-Dörtlü Arap Korna
-Islık Korna
-Nuri Alço Korna
-Salyangoz Korna

Yenilikler v3.0

-Versiyon 1.39.x’e uyarlandı.
-FMOD ses güncellemesine uyarlandı.

Yenilikler v2.0
-Tek dosya haline getirildi.
-Kabin içi sesi azaltılarak gerçekçi hale getirildi.

This mod is my work.
Respect my work, if share keep the original link.
Please dont re-apload without the author’s link.
You can share videos on YouTube.
You can put video link here.



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