4 thoughts on “Air Horn

  1. Cant seem to get this mod to work, still get the horn sound that comes with game

  2. Can you give me your advisor mod’s link, please??

  3. CarlitosBahia

    1) http://sharemods.com/vpwtzckxub0j/Route_Advisor_KAAC_GSM_Center_Top_1LTT_WF_MBB_TBB_v4.0.scs.html

    that is the specific route advisor, was part of a big pack with lot of variants, if you want that to choose more ( i liked this one the most so i only saved the one) just search the ets mod sites that kind of names

    2) about the sound not working, sorry cant say why, still working fine for me, just remember to copy the file in the right mods folder and use the H key (regular horn ) , no the air horn button/key

    1. that version of the route adviser is broken now for ATS version 1.1+ crashing the game at save loading , but the guy made a new version fixing it http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=157951

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